The Newberry Library, Chicago, contains a distinguished music collection, rare book, manuscript, and print holdings, and archives relevant both to the United States (and its Indian populations) and to the city of Chicago. Thus it is understandable that a small special codicil, which entered the Library holdings in 1948, should have entered as an inconspicuous item in a splendid context. It was a collection of songs, centering in American twentieth-century works and containing an unprecedented emphasis on music by women composers—characteristics not considered worthy of special attention at that time. But changing focus within musical scholarship has brought about a volte-face; and it is now quite respectable to display interest in music by American, twentieth-century, and even women composers. It is therefore likely that this collection will prove of considerable interest at this time.

The collection is the library of songs that comprised the working music of Janet Fairbank (1903-1947); her library reflects her special interests and her energy in pursuing them. As now housed in the Newberry Library, it consists of twenty-five boxes: eight American, five French, two German, two British, one Spanish, one Scandinavian, Russian and Hungarian, and one Italian, in addition to three boxes of English and French anthologies, one of miscellaneous arias, songs, and vocalises, and one box of orchestrations. The collection remains uncatalogued.1

Janet Fairbank was a member of a wealthy and culturally prominent Chicago family. Her grandfather was Nathaniel K. Fairbank, called a "pioneer Chicago millionaire" (Gold Dust cleanser); and her father, Kellogg Fairbank, who graduated from Harvard (A.B., 1890 and LL.B., 1893), had been admitted to the Illinois bar. In 1900 (at the age of thirty-one) he married Janet Ayer. Janet Fairbank was the first of three children and their only daughter. Janet Ayer Fairbank, the mother, was an active political figure, a worker for women's suffrage and a member of the Illinois Democratic National Committee from 1924. She was also an author (plays and novels, the most famous of which was probably The Bright Land). She outlived her daughter by four years. Her sister, Margaret Ayer Barnes, won a Pulitzer Prize with her novel Years of Grace. Young Janet seems to have entered a somewhat competitive and highly social world with intelligence and determination; she attended Radcliffe College, was an excellent student, and was graduated cum laude in 1923.

Fairbank as a young woman bore both the advantages and the burdens of her position and wealth. The burdens were not to be underestimated: she was of undeniable intelligence and seriousness, and pursued a career as a singer in the shadow of her famous mother and aunt while also facing a prejudice against women of means who seek a place on the stage, a prejudice in full cry in the thirties. Her preparation was extensive and thorough; her desire for excellence was unremitting. Her debut in Chicago in 1931 was followed by a debut in Europe in 1932 and an initial appearance in opera (as Zerlina in Don Giovanni) in 1933. She appeared with the San Carlo Opera in Chicago in 1934 and with the Chicago Opera in 1934-35 and in 1940-41.

Her large scrapbook (in the Special Collections section of the Newberry Library) records her career through the late 1940s. She continued to study (with Richard De Young of Chicago after 1932), purchased full-page ads in Musical America, and seems to have sung whenever and wherever she could; but she had to bear the contumely of being reviewed in the Society section as often as in the music pages.

Her intelligence seems to have surpassed her musical gifts. Many of the reviews and the letters of appreciation so carefully pasted into her scrapbook were written by family friends and connections (a lovely example, from Thornton Wilder, is datelined "June 6, 1934—The Best University"). But one, by the critic Karleton Hackett, in the Chicago Evening Post of November 20, 1931, is probably an accurate assessment of her performing stature:

The voice is light, of mezzo-soprano timbre, without natural warmth and not great range nor volume, but clear and true. . . . She thinks primarily the word values . . . without the keen sense for the melodic line or for the beauty of the tone.

It is easy to speculate that her perceptive intelligence, faced with unyielding facts of her own limitations and the impossibility of critical success in operatic and standard concert repertoire along with her financial independence, led her to the espousal of the cause of contemporary music. She set herself to obtain and to study the works of American (and some other) composers; it is said that she was of substantial financial support to more than a few, and there can be no question of her moral support. In eight New York programs, Janet Fairbank premiered over one hundred American songs.

The task that she set herself required imagination, persistence, courage, discernment, and financial resources—none of these guaranteed to singers of perhaps more abundant vocal gifts. She had to search out composers and their materials, buy manuscripts (or borrow them and have them photographed or photostated), sift out a huge amount of music unknown to her or anybody else, and hire pianists to work over songs with her—but the winnowing process was her own and the judgments were her own. The Newberry Library notice of July 1948 states that she "studied over 3,000 compositions" central to her interests.

I remember Fairbank in the early and mid-forties, coming to our apartment on the south side of Chicago with a pile of music and singing through it with my mother (whose unparalleled reputation as a sight-reader had led Fairbank to her); in those sessions I first heard the songs of over two dozen Americans (at a conservative estimate) from Charles Ives, Henry Hadley, and Mrs. H.H.A. Beach, to Paul Bowles, Irwin Fischer, Mary Howe, John Cage, Elliott Carter, Ned Rorem, and many others. And I heard also the splendid Fables of Fontaine settings by Marcelle de Manziarly and other French twentieth-century music. (Fairbank's devotion to French song was second only to her devotion to American song—she gave an all-Poulenc program in Chicago in 1946.) In her sessions with my mother, Fairbank was extremely business-like, never unpleasant but certainly matter-of-fact rather than warm, and more able to project determination than enthusiasm. She did not comment upon the songs, nor did she seek comments from my mother (who saved them for later family discussion). Difficulties did not phase her; she was obviously highly motivated and well disciplined. Many of the songs she brought several times; others she read through only once or twice.

About 130 composers are represented in the Collection, by far the greatest number with unpublished works (such composers as Bacon and Ives—whose works together make up a majority of the published music in the collection—published their own music). Much of it bears rehearsal marks that are worth studying. And several bear personal inscriptions as well, some of them testifying to the warm regard of the composers for their singing advocate. Fairbank's dedication is mirrored perhaps the most strongly in the number of copies in her own hand (in several cases a second copy in another key). But many manuscripts are clearly in the hands of the composers—the originals certainly include Bauer, Becker, Carpenter, Cage, Elwell, and Thomson, among others.

The Collection represents a remarkable achievement for one individual. Fairbank's judgment was keen and her programming (which should be studied in tandem with the music) amazingly accurate as a judgment of musical value. Her untimely death at forty-four kept her from seeing those values confirmed in the careers of the composers she aided. Her bequest to the Newberry Library may well clarify some of the sifting evaluation of the post-war years. The legacy of Janet Fairbank is more than the shell of a collection: she was an activator in that process and may well have exercised a considerable influence. We are in her debt.



The list of works in the Fairbank Collection is presented exactly as it is housed. To change Hicks, P.G. to Glanville-Hicks, P(eggy), for example, or to exclude Hicks, Reinecke, Shepherd, and Shaw from the list because they more properly belong under non-American categories, would make the music impossible to find. Details are as accurate as a preliminary study can make them, but corrections will doubtless follow upon substantial study of the collection.

Abbreviations used for purposes of this list are designed to reflect the large number of manuscript works in the collection, and to distinguish between original and duplicated materials, and, among the latter, between photostats (presumably made by Fairbank) and ozalid or planographic copies (presumably made by the composers). A few proof sheet copies are also in the collection. The abbreviations are:

Ms: manuscript (not necessarily autograph)
oz: ozalid or other planographic copy of a manuscript
ph: photostat
neg: negative print
©: copyright (date), indicating that the work is published
*: inscribed to Fairbank by composer
**: dedicated to Fairbank

Allanbrook, Douglas Ash Wednesday—Aria from the Cantata (Eliot) Ms., 1947
Ames, Wm. T. Dream Pang (Frost) oz., n.d.
  Interpreter (Johns) oz., n.d.
  Judgment (Benet) oz., n.d.
  Rapid Transit (no author given) oz., n.d.*
  To the thawing wind (Frost) Ms., n.d.*
Antheil, George Five songs—1919-1920 (Crapsey) 1919-20, ©1934
Bacon, Ernst Ten songs (Whitman, Goethe, Lenan, Rückert, Eichendorff, Licher, Lithe) ©1928
  Eight songs from Walt Whitman, ©1930
  Bows and arrows (no author given) oz., n.d.
  Adam and Eve (American folk) ©1946, 2 copies
  Lonesome Grove (American folk) ©1946
  Four songs for soprano (Shakespeare, Lewis, Millay) ©1946
  Little Mohee (On Top of Old Smoky, folk song) n.d.
  Along unpaved roads (American folk) ©1944, 8 songs
  Sucking cider and sinful shoe, Ms., n.d.
  Of a feather (Welch) Ms., n.d., 5 songs
  Five poems by Emily Dickinson, ©1944
  It's all I have to bring today, Ms., 2 copies
  The lamb (Blake) Ms., 1947**
  Songs to Emily Dickinson, oz., n.d.
Ballantine, Edward Four lyrical satires: Upon my bed of pain, The flower loves the nightingale, Clouds, Come out, my love, into the moon light, Ms., ©1945, 2 copies of songs 1 and 3
Barber, Samuel The daisies (Stephens) ©1936
  With rue my heart is laden (Housman) ©1936
  Bessie bobtail (Stephens) ©1936
  The queen's face on the summery corn (Horan) Ms., ©1944, 2 copies
  Rain has fallen (Joyce) ©1939
  I hear an army (Joyce) ©1939
  A nun takes the veil (Hopkins) ©1941
  Sure on this shining night (Agee) ©1941
  Dover beach (Arnold) ©1936
Bauer, Marion The harp (no author given) Ms., n.d.
  To losers (Frost) n.d.*
  Midsummer dreams (Fletcher) ©1924
Beach, Mrs. H.H.A. The year's at the spring (Browning) ©1900 and 1928
Becker, John The pool (H.D.) Ms., n.d.
  The sea (H.D.) Ms., n.d.
  3 short songs (M.C. Becker) Ms., n.d.,** 2 copies
  Psalm of love (Baum, trans. Bithell) Ms., n.d.
  A song (Joyce) Ms., n.d.
  Separation on the River Kiang (Richaku, trans. Pound) Ms., n.d.
  4 poems from the Japanese, Ms.
Beecher, Carl Thistle down (Crew, trans. Page) ©1923
Beeson, Jack Three songs (Blake) oz., 1945 (2 copies of song 3)
  Never seek to tell thy love (Blake) Ms., 1945
Behrend, Jeanne Advice to a girl (Teasdale) oz., 1943
  Five songs (Teasdale) oz., 1932, 1933, 1938
  A minor bird (R. Frost) oz., 1943
  Plea for grace (Krause) oz., 1942
  Proche (Quennell) oz., 1940
Bergsma, William Six songs, oz., 2 copies
Bernstein, Leonard I hate music, ©1943
Birch, Helen Louise A creed is a rod (Swinburne) Ms., n.d.
  Moods (Yeats) ©1915
  Requiescat (Arnold) ©1915
  Aedh laments the loss of love (Yeats) ©1915
  Cyclamen (Field) Ms., n.d.
  Atalanta (Swinburne) Ms.
Bonvalot, Antony Carmen (XI) (Latin, Horatio) Ms., 1942
Bosmaus, Arthur 2 Folksongs from the planet Mars, ©1946
Bowles, Paul In the woods (no author given) ph., 1944
  They can not stop death (Massey) ph., 1944
  Heaven grass (Williams) ph., n.d.
  A little closer please (Saroyan) ©1941
  Cuatro canciones de Garcia Lorca, ph., 1943
  Evening (Hepburn) oz., 1941
  Violet (Hepburn) oz., 1941
  On a quiet conscience (Charles I) Ms., 1945
  Sugar in the cane (Williams) ©1946
  Cabin (Williams) ©1946
  Blue bell mountain (J. Bowles) ph., n.d.
  Song of an old woman (J. Bowles) ph., 1942
  Once a lady was here, oz., 2 copies
  Memnon (Cocteau) ph., neg., 1935
  Le sourire (Cocteau) ph., neg., 1935
  In the platinum forest (no author given) oz., 1932
  Ballade (P. Bowles) oz., 1945
  Song for my sister (Ford) oz., 1943
  This place of fire (D.H. Lawrence) ph., neg., 1945
  Valse (no author given) ph., neg., n.d.
  Lonesome man (Williams) ph., n.d., 2 copies
  Three, oz., and proof sheets, 1946, ©1947, 2 copies
  Stream (Hepburn) oz., 1941
  American folk songs (W.P.A. project) oz., n.d.
  David (F. Frost) ©1945
  Night without sleep (Ford) ph., 1943
  When I die (no author given) ph., n.d.
  3 songs (Anon. & O'Sullivan) oz., n.d.
Bricken, Carl Sagesse (Verlaine) oz., n.d.
  Il pleure dans mon coeur (Verlaine) oz., n.d.
  Le ciel (Verlaine) Ms., n.d.
  Fate, o miller (RLS) Ms., n.d.
  The far-farer (RLS) ph., n.d.
  Peace my heart (Tagore) Ms., n.d.
Britain, Radie Stillness (Lester Luther) oz., n.d.
  Withered flowers (Schreyvogt) ©1926
  Nirvana (Wheelock) ©1927
Cage, John The wonderful widow of Eighteen Springs, Ms., 1942**
Carpenter, John Allen The cock shall crow (R.L. Stevenson) ©1912
  The Lawd is smiling through the do, ©1918
  When the misty shadows glide, ©1912, 2 copies
  The green river (Lord Alfred Douglas) Ms., ©1912, 2 copies
  Dansons la gigue (Verlaine) ©1912
  Il pleure dans mon coeur (Verlaine) ©1912
  Gitanjali (Tagore) ©1914, 6 songs, 2 copies
  Berceuse de guerre (Cammaerts) ©1918
  Les silhouettes (Wilde) ©1913
  To a young gentleman (Confucius, trans. H.A. Giles) Ms., 1916
  Water colors (4 Chinese poems) ©1916
  Le petit cimetière (Havet) ph.
  Les cheminées rouge (Havet) ph., 1934
  Cradle song (Wm. Blake) ©1912
  Serenade (Sassoon) ©1921
  Khaki Sammy (J.A. Carpenter) ©1917
  May, the maiden (Lanier) ©1912
  Home road (J.A. Carpenter) ©1917, 2 copies
  Slumber song (Sassoon) 1920, ©1921
  On a screen (No. 1 of Water colors, R.V., Li Po) Ms., n.d., ©1916
  The player queen (Yeats) ©1915
  The day is no more (Tagore) ©1915
  Her voice (Wilde) ©1913
  Looking glass river (Stevenson) ©1912
  When little boys sing (John & Rue Carpenter) bound, ©1907
  Improving songs for anxious children, bound, ©1907, 2 copies
Carter, Elliott Dust of snow (Frost) 1942, ©1947
  The rose family, Ms., 1942, ©1947, 2 copies
  Voyage (Hart Crane) ©1945*
Cascarino, Romeo Seven songs (Teasdale, Frost, Henrick) oz., 1941
de Cevee, Alice Shadows (Paula Long) ph., n.d.
  The owl and the pussy cat (Lear) ©1946
  The flight (Teasdale) ph., n.d.
  Deserted farm (F. Frost) Ms., n.d.
  Down by the Sally Gardens (Yeats) ©1941
  Anniversary (Paula Long) ©1940
Chanler, Theodore The flight (L. Feeney) oz., 1944
  The lamb (Blake) ©1946
  Memory (Blake) oz., ©1946
  The doves (L. Feeney) oz., n.d.
  Eight epitaphs (De la Mare) oz., ©1939
  I rise when you enter (L. Feeney) oz., 1942, ©1945, 2 copies
  These my Ophelia (MacLeish) oz., n.d.
  The children (L. Feeney) oz., 1942, ©1946, 3 copies
Chadwick, G.W. Danza (Arlo Bates) ©1885
Citkowitz, Israel Five songs (Joyce) ©1930
Cole, Rossetter G. Love's invocation (Phoebe Cary) ©1922*
Cowell, Henry Little black boy (Blake) oz., 1946
  The donkey (Chesterton) oz., 1946
  Three anti-modernist songs (ed. Slonimsky) oz., 1938
Creston, Paul Sonnet I (Ficke) Ms., n.d.
  Sonnet II (Ficke) Ms., n.d.
  Three sonnets (Ficke) oz., 1936
  Psalm XXIII (proof sheets) 1945
Crist, Bainbridge Into a ship dreaming (De la Mare) ©1918
  Coloured stars (Chinese, trans. E. Powys Mathers) ©1921
De Lamarter, Eric Gifts (Teasdale) ©1920
  Love-free (Teasdale) ©1920
  Air impromptu (Piper) Ms., n.d.
Dello Joio, Norman Milldoors (Sandburg) oz., n.d.
Diamond, David David mourns for Absalom, ph., ph. neg., 1946, 2 copies
  Brigid's song (Joyce) ph., ph. neg., 1946, 2 copies
  Seven songs (copies of all but Billy in the Darbies; Cummings, Mansfield, La Fontaine, Stringham, McCullers) ©1946
  To Lucasta, on going to the wars (Lovelace) oz., 1944
  Five songs (Shakespeare) ©1945
  Epitaph (Melville) oz., 1945
  Music when soft voices die (Shelley) ©1944
  Let nothing disturb thee (Sr. Theresa of Avila) ©1946
  On death (Clare) ©1944
  César (Valéry) oz., 1940
Dougherty, Celius The first Christmas (E. Fleming) oz., n.d.
  Pied beauty (Hopkins) Ms., n.d.
  The Song of the Jasmin (Arabian Nights) oz., n.d.
  Pianissimo (Collins) n.d.
  Heaven-Haven (Hopkins) Ms., n.d.
Duke, John XXth Century (Hillyer) oz., 1935
  Dirge (Crapsey) oz., n.d.
  Catalog (Rosalie Moore) oz., n.d.
  At the aquarium (Max Eastman) oz., n.d.
  Dead kitten (Hay) oz., n.d.
  My soul is an enchanted boat (Shelley) oz., n.d.
  To Karen, singing (Duke) oz., 1944, ©1946, 2 copies
  Rapunzel (Crapsey) oz., n.d.
  Wild swans (Millay) oz., n.d.
  Loveliest of trees (Housman) ©1934
  Bells in the rain (Wylie) oz., 1945
Eakin, Vera Flamenco (Hitchcock) ©1937
  I have seen silence (Middleton) oz., n.d.
  Wind and girl (Cobham) oz., n.d.
Edmunds, John Absalom (Gleason) oz., n.d.
  The conclusion (Raleigh) oz., 1943
  Elegy & Ground (Purcell Airs) oz.
  Morning hymn (Purcell Airs) oz.
  Evening hymn (Purcell Airs) oz.
  Here the deities approve (Purcell Airs) oz.
  Isle of Portland (Housman) oz., 1935, 2 copies
  Milkmaids (Anon.) oz., 1946
  The shepherd boy sings (Bunyan) oz., 1946**
  Ballad of the cherry tree (Anon.) oz., 1938
  Heart of the woman (Yeats) oz., n.d.
  The falcon (Anon.) oz., 1938, 2 copies, 1 bound
  Jerusalem (Blake) oz., 1942, 2 copies, 1 bound
  The cuckoo (Shakespeare) oz., 1936, bound
  Dirge (Landor) oz., 1939, bound
  The lonely (AE) oz., 1935, 2 copies, 1 bound
  The still river (Scottish) oz., 1939, bound
  Second birth (Gleason) oz., n.d., bound
  The Christ Child (Southwell) oz., 1940, bound
  O Death, rock me asleep (Anne Boleyn) oz., 1939, bound
  Edward (Border Ballads) oz., 1939
  Mother, I cannot mind the wheel (Landor) oz., 1939
  Loveliest of trees (Housman) oz., 1935
  Proche (Quennell) oz., 1940
  The pigs (De la Mare) oz., 1944-45-46
Elwell, Herbert The ousel-cock (Shakespeare) oz., n.d.
  Renouncement (Meynell) ©1942
  Glittering grief (Lowe) oz., n.d.
  In the mountains (Chang Yu, trans. Pope and Adams) oz., ©1946
  Suffolk owl (Shakespeare) oz., n.d.
  Service of all the dead (D.H. Lawrence) oz., n.d.
  Music I heard (Aiken) oz., n.d.
Engel, Carl The sea shell (A. Lowell) ©1911
Farwell, Arthur As if the sea (E. Dickinson) ph., 1936
  Unto me (E. Dickinson) ph. neg., 1936
  With a flower (E. Dickinson) ph. neg., 1940
  Song of Proserpine (Shelley) 1943
Fenner, Beatrice I wonder, ©1925
Fine, Vivian Daybreak (Donne) oz., n.d.
  Spring's welcome (Lyly) oz., 1937
Finney, Ross Lee Poor Richard (B. Franklin) oz., 1946, 7 songs, bound
  Pot of earth (MacLeish) oz., 1934, 5 songs, bound
Fischer, Irwin Sea-bird (Percy) Ms., 1933
  Song of the willow branches (M. Fischer) oz., 1931
  Newcomer (Fitch) oz., n.d.
  You were glad tonight (Sassoon) oz., n.d.
  Stampede (Seeley) oz., 1937
Foch, Dirk Chinese ode (Hafiz-Bethge, trans. Mattullath) ©1920
  Three moods (Hatis) ©1926
Forrest, Hamilton Song of Loneliness (Tietjens) ph. neg., n.d.
  An arabesque, ©1926
  Aubade (Darenant) Ms., n.d.
  Out of the blackness (Dawson) Ms., n.d.
  Vanished love (Dawson) Ms., n.d.
  The bargain (Sidney) Ms., n.d.
Foss, Lucas Where the bee sucks (Shakespeare) oz., 1940
Fuleihan, Anis To the young prince (Brooke) ©1944
Galajikian, Florence Speak to me love (Tagore) Ms., n.d.
  Interpretations (Aikins) Ms., n.d.
Ganz, Rudolph A memory (Breid) 1918, ©1919
Gardiner, Julian Afterwards (Hardy) oz., n.d.
  An east end curate, oz.
  Had I known (Hardy) oz., n.d.
  The oxen (Hardy) oz., n.d.
  Shepherdess sons (Hardy) oz., n.d.
  The second visit (Hardy) oz., n.d.
  Proud songsters (Hardy) oz., n.d.
  Exhortation (Hardy) oz., n.d.
  Midnight on the G.W.R. (Hardy) oz., n.d.
  Weathers (Hardy) oz., n.d.
Gassman, Remi Serenade (K. Kilmer) ©1947
Glazer, Frank Yellow leaves (Emmet) ©1941
  I fear thy kisses (Shelley) ©1939
Golde, Walter To an invalid (MacDougall) ©1924
Grant-Schaefer, G.A. In the moonlight (French folk) ©1922
  Down to the crystal streamlet (French folk) ©1921, 2 copies
Griffes, Charles Upon their grave (Heine, trans. Untermeyer) ©1941
  Elves (Eichendorff, trans. Untermeyer) ©1941
  Half-ring moon (Tabb) ©1941
  By a lovely forest pathway (Lenan, trans. Chapman) ©1909
  In a myrtle shade (Blake) ©1918
  Symphony in yellow (Wilde) ©1915
  Thy dark eyes to mine (MacLeod) ©1918
Hadley, Henry The time of parting (Tagane) ©1921
  My true love (Sydney) ©1924
  Sentimental colloquy (Verlaine, trans. Mattullath) ©1923
Hageman, Richard At the well (Tagore) ©1919
  Miranda (Belloc) ©1940
  Do not go, my love (Tagore) ©1917, 2 copies
Hall, Betty S. Lost (no author given) Ms., n.d.
Harris, Roy La primavera (Spanish folk, trans. Lummis) oz., 1942
  Evening song (Tennyson) ©1942
  Waitin' (no author given) ©1942
Harris, Russell Nocturne ma desert brick yard (Sandburg) Ms., n.d.
Harrison, Lou Sanctus, Ms., oz., 1940, 2 copies
Helm, Everett Prairie waters by night (Sandburg) oz., n.d., 2 copies
  Eleventh avenue racket (Sandburg) oz., n.d.
  Moo! (Sandburg) oz., n.d.
  She is not fair (H. Coleridge) oz., n.d.
  Romance (RLS) oz., 1941
  Lament (Chatterton) oz., 1941
  It is so long (Cummings) oz., 1946
  If I have made (Cummings) oz., n.d.
  Alleluia (Cummings) oz., 1946
  Shall I compare thee (Shakespeare) oz., n.d.**
Henry, Harold Gather ye rose buds while ye may (Herrick) ©1920
  Christmas song (The Barron Bruchlos at the age of five) oz., n.d.*
  The child's grace (Herrick) oz., n.d.*
Hicks, P. Glanville Five songs (Housman) 1945
Hoffman, Adolf G. A slumber song (Wathall) oz., n.d.
  Light (Bourdillon) oz., n.d.
  Caeli (Bourdillon) oz., n.d.
Hopkinson, Francis Six songs—Colonial love lyrics, bound
Howe, Mary Innisfree (Yeats) ph., n.d.
  Ripe apples (Speyer) ©1939
  A strange story (Wylie) oz., ©1947, 2 copies
  Fair Annet's song (Wylie) ph.
Hyde, Herbert Seventeen songs (Aldis) ©1928
  Long ago (W.I. Lincoln Adams) ©1916
Imbrie, Andrew November song (Person) oz., 1945
  Letter from Hawaii (Wm. Meredith) 1946
Ives, Chas. 114 songs, 1922, bound
  34 songs (New Music, Oct. 1933) 1935, bound
  18 songs (New Music, Oct. 1935) 1933, bound
James, Philip Transit (Sholl) ©1915
Just, Robert H. Nine songs of Sappho: Invocation, Moon & Stars, The rose, American song, Long ago, Aphrodite's doves (O'Hara) ©1910
Kernochan, Marshall A water lily at evening (Bourdillan) Ms., 1908
  Lilacs (A. Livingston)
Klein, John To evening (Hislop) ©1947
  Sonnet to the sea (Hislop) ©1947
Klemm, Gustav Candles (N. Buckley) ©1939
  September day (Teasdale) ©1940
Kohs, Ellis B. Three flowers (W.C. Williams) oz., 1946
Lamb, Hubert Three songs (Yeats, Frost, Housman) oz., 1944*
Lamont, Hubert Music (A. Lowell) Ms., 1940
  Nostalgia (A. Lowell) Ms., 1940
Lenel, Ludwig Four songs (Fletcher, Skelton, anon., Nashe) oz., n.d.
  Five songs (Polish folk) oz., 1938-1943*
Lessard, John Ariel's song (Shakespeare) Ms.
Lockwood, Normand Sitting in a tree (e.e. cummings) oz., 1943
  I have painted Elijah (Anon., trans. Harlfeldt) oz., 1943
  Sonnet (e.e. cummings) oz., 1943
  Variations on a popular theme (Fenton) oz., 1943**
  The pasture (Frost) oz., 1941
  Because I could not stop for death (E. Dickinson) oz., n.d.
  River magic (Byron) oz., 1945
  Love's secret (Blake) Ms., 1943
  Slumber song (Ledoux) oz., 1945, 2 copies
  Out of May's shows (Whitman) oz., 1939/1945
Lee, Adele Bohling Seal lullaby (Kipling) Ms., 1932
Manning, Kathleen Lockhart Sketches of Paris (Manning) ©1925, cycle of 6 songs
Marshall, Elizabeth C. My candle (Millay) oz., n.d.
  Alone (Sassoon) oz., n.d.
  When you have left me (Aiken) oz., n.d.
  Remembered (Aiken) oz., n.d.
Mitchell, Edward Loveliest of trees (Housman) oz., n.d.
  Today's your natal day (C. Rossetti) oz.
  In the morning (Housman) oz., 1942
  The fisher in the wood (Staver) oz., n.d.
Mitchell, Leeds The look (Teasdale) ©1926
  Who loves the rain (Shaw) ©1926
  Twilight (Teasdale) ©1926
Mittler, Franz Happy ending to a romance (Busch) oz.
  The last song (no author given) n.d.
  In flaming beauty (no author given) n.d.
  Secret love (Busch) n.d.
  Morning song (no author given) n.d.
  A song to May (Morike) ©1924
  Country churches (Snyder) n.d.
  Forgive (Busch) n.d.
  A happy island (no author given) n.d.
  Evensong (Vigilie) n.d.
  Over the mountain (Busse) n.d.
  Maria Verkundigung (Geigor) ©1921*
Moore, Douglas 2 songs from The Devil and Daniel Webster—I've got a ram, Goliath (Benet) ©1941, and Now may there be a blessing (Benet) ©1941
  Brown penny (Yeats) oz., n.d.
  The cuckoo (Shakespeare) oz., n.d.
  Not this alone (Underwood) oz., n.d.
  Sigh no more, ladies (Shakespeare) oz., n.d.
  Come away death (Shakespeare) oz., n.d.
  The sea that is my songs (trans. Schaffy) oz., n.d.
  3 divine sonnets (Donne) oz., 1942
  O mistress mine (Shakespeare) oz., n.d.
  Blow, blow (Shakespeare) oz., n.d.
  Under the greenwood tree (Shakespeare) oz., 1944
Mopper, Irving All in one breath (Morton) Ms., n.d.
  Pierrot (Teasdale) Ms., 1938
Naginski, Charles The fog (Sandburg) oz., 1939
  7th Avenue (Rukeyser) oz., 1939
  Nightsong at Amalfi (Teasdale) oz., 1939
  Richard Cory (Robinson) oz., 1939
  The pasture (R. Frost) Ms., 1939
  A bird came down the walk (E. Dickinson) oz., 1940
  Nonsense-alphabet (Lea.) oz., 1939
  Look down, fair moon (Whitman) ©1942
  Under the harvest moon (Sandburg) ©1940
Norden, Lindsay The sheep (O'Sullivan) oz., 1942
  Feast (Millay) oz., n.d.
  Elegy and fair Annette's song (Wylie) Ms., n.d.
  Is there a flower (Cummings) oz., n.d.
  Can life be a blessing (Dryden) Ms., n.d.
  The arrival (Warner) oz., 1940
  Who knows (Cummings) oz., n.d.
  Madrigal II (no author given) Ms., n.d.
  Ashes of life (Millay) oz., n.d.
  Time, I dare thee to discover (Dryden) Ms., n.d.
  Praise (O'Sullivan) oz., 1935
  Lacrima Christi (Mannes) oz., 1932
  If there are any heavens (Cummings) oz., 1941
  Embroidery (Prude) oz., 1941
  Lullaby for 1940 children (Ackland) oz., n.d.
  There shall be more joy (Ford) ©1938
  This is the shape of the leaf (Aiken) ©1938
  Dirge for the nameless (Prude) ©1945
Oakes, Isaire Hesse You spotted snakes (Shakespeare) Ms., n.d.
  Come into these yellow sands (Shakespeare) Ms., n.d.
  Over hill, over dale (Shakespeare) Ms., n.d.
Olmstead, Clarence Thy sweet singing (Shelley) ©1923, 1939
Osborne, Willson 5 songs from Chamber Music (Joyce) oz., n.d.
Parris, Robert My garden (Brown) oz., n.d.
  Silver (De la Mare) oz., 1946
  Song (Crapsey) oz., 1947
  The parting guest (Riley) oz.
Pinkham, Daniel The falcon (Anon.) oz., 1947**
  No. 6 of seven epigrams (Hillyer) oz., 1944, rev. 1945
  Psalm 79, oz., n.d.
  Nocturne (Hillyer) oz., 1944
  Ave regina coelorum, oz., 1944, rev. 1945
  Heaven-Haven (Hopkins) oz., 1947*
Porter, Quincy Music when soft voices die (Shelley) oz., n.d.
Quashen, Ben Harlem night song, oz.
  Summer night (Hughes) oz., n.d.
  Dance africaine, oz.
Rachlin, Ezra Pierrot (Teasdale) oz., ©1947
  I shall not care (Teasdale) oz., ©1947
Raphling, Sam Dreams in the dusk (Sandburg) Ms., n.d.
  Between two hills (Sandburg) Ms., n.d.
Read, Gardner From a lute of jade (Chinese) ©1943, 3 songs
Reinecke, Carl At the seaside (RLS) ©1904
  Young night thought (RLS) ©1904
  Bunny rabbit white (Reinick, trans. Traquair) ©1904
Rogers, James H. George's song (Goethe, trans. Traquair) ©1904
  The time for making songs has come (Hagedorn) ©1919
Rorem, Ned Spring (Hopkins) oz., 1947
  7 little prayers (Goodmand) oz., 1946
  Look, stranger at this island (Auden) oz., n.d.
  Stopping by woods on a snowy evening (Frost) oz., 1947
  Prayer (Eliot) oz., 1946
  Spring and fall (Hopkins) oz., 1946
  Poem (Goodman) 1947
  A burnt ship (Donne) oz., 1945
  Anniversary (Kubly) oz., 1946
  The knight of the grail (Anon.) oz., 1944
  Alleluia, 1946
  Doll boy (e.e.cummings) oz., 1944
  On a singing girl (Wylie) oz., 1946
  The soul sings (Rorem) oz., 1947
  Catullus: on the burial of his brother (trans. Beardley) oz., 1947
  Love's stricken "Why" (Dickinson) oz., 1947
  Bawling blues (Goodman) oz., n.d.
  Epigram (O'Donnell) oz., 1947
  My true love is a bird (no author given) oz., 1944
  Psalm 100, oz., 1945, ©1946, 3 copies
  Psalm 120, a song of David, ©1946
Sacco, John Never the nightingale (Crapsey) ©1940
  Strictly germ-proof (Guiterman) ©1941
  Rapunsel (Crapsey) ©1941
  Let it be forgotten (Teasdale) ©1941
Saminsky, Lazare Anne Boleyn's dirge, ©1937
  Mary Stuart's farewell to France, ©1937
  Queen Estherka's laugh (Saminsky) ©1937
Sargent, Paul Joy ride (Richardson) oz., 1941
  River road (Maxwell) oz., n.d.
Scott, Tom Jenny kissed me (Hunt) oz.
Shaw, Martin Heffle my cuckoo fair (Kipling) ©1919
Schelling, Ernest Love song (Page) ©1907
Schuman, William Orpheus with his lute (Shakespeare) ©1944
Shephard, Arthur The starling lake (O'Sullivan) oz., 1944, 2 copies
  Bacchus (Sherman) oz., n.d., 2 copies
  The fiddlers (De la Mare) oz., n.d.
Slonimsky, N. Silhouettes (Wilde) ©1927
Smith, Melville The flight of the moon (Wilde) ©1927
  Three songs: Lost, Teamsters farewell, Sketch (Sandburg) Ms., oz., n.d., 2 copies
Smith, T. Blue squills (Teasdale) Ms., 1943
Sokoloff, Noel Trail the white rose (Joyce) oz., 1946
  Love lyric (Hague) oz., 1943
  Words for music (Ross) oz., 1945
  I would in that sweet bosom be (Joyce) oz., 1946
  Gentle lady (Joyce) oz., 1946
  When the shy star (Joyce) oz., 1946
Sowerby, Leo For late autumn (Jeanne De Lamarter) oz., 1941
  With strawberries (Henley) ©1925
  He's gone away (folk) n.d.
Stock, Frederick To a firefly (Holty) ©1932
  The letter (no author given) Ms., n.d.
Taylor, Deems My rose (Stuart) ©1917
  The rivals (Stephens) ©1920
  The faithless lover (Belgian folk) ©1920
  The messenger (Stephens) ©1920
Thomson, Virgil Film (no author given) ph. and ph. neg., 1930
  Air de Phedre (Racine) oz., n.d.
  Le singe et le leopard (Fontaine) oz., n.d.
  Tout le monde (Jourde Chaleur, Rohan) ph. and ph. neg., 1928
  La valse gregorienne, Ms., 1927
  La belle en dormant (Hugnet) oz., n.d., 4 songs
  Mon amour est bon a dire (no author given) Ms., n.d.
  Stabat Mater (Jacob) oz., ©1933, 2 copies
  Le berceau de Gertrude Stein (Hugnet) ph. neg., 1928
Triggs, Harold Nuptial (Bird) oz., n.d.
Vanderlip, Ruth Wright Silver (De la Mare) 1945
  Fold song (Self) 1947
  Malediction (Stephens) 1945
Van Vactor, David Requiescat (Wilde) oz., n.d.*
  I know a maiden (Heine, trans. Longfellow) oz., n.d.
  How can I sing light-souled and fancy free (Lorenzo dei Medici) oz., n.d.
Wagenaar, Bernard From a very little sphinx (Millay) ©1926, 7 songs
Ward, Robert Anna Miranda (Benet) oz., 1940
  Rain has fallen all the day (Joyce) oz., 1940
  Sorrows of Mydath (Masefield) oz., 1939
Watts, Winter Little shepherd's song (Percy) ©1922
  Little page's song (Percy) ©1920
  Beloved, it is morn (Hickey) ©1919
  Joy (Teasdale) ©1922
Westbrook, Helen Searles Songs of life and love: Alabaster, Hindu cradle song, If you call me (Naidu) ©1941
Wheelock, John H. Journey's end, Ms.
Wilda, Bela Bishop Hatto (Southey) oz., 1946**, 2 copies
  The lovely isle (Claudian) Ms., n.d.
  A remembered conversation (Prokosch) Ms., n.d.
  Song of songs (Partridge) ph., 1930, ©1940
  A dish of peaches in Russia (Stevens) oz., 1946
  My heart (Ramon) Ms., oz., 1945
  Je chante haut pour m'entendre (Viele, trans. Griffin) oz., 1946
  Silver (De la Mare) ph. and ph. neg., 1937
  Flower loft (Walles) oz., 1945
  Solange, the magnolia (Stevens) ph. neg., 1946
  The time (Morton) Ms., 1945
  Invocation (Hundley) Ms., 1939
  King's garden (Speyer) oz., 1945*
  Madame Sosostris (Eliot) Ms., 1943
  Out in the garden (Mansfield) Ms., 1943
  Peace on earth (Anon.) Ms., 1940
  Flow, oh my tears, Ms., 1941, 2 copies
  Summer the lovely (Millay) Ms., n.d.
Winslow, Richard K. Stopping by woods on a snowy evening (Frost) oz., 1943
Wolfe, Jacques Short'nin bread (Woud) ©1928


1The Library acquisition notice of July 1948, announcing the receipt of the collection, numbers the items at about 1500 works; it states also that in addition to the songs, the bequest included "thirty grand opera scores, some of them rare." These have evidently been absorbed into the library's general holdings (they are not named).

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