Marion A. Guck

Marion A. Guck is Professor of Music (Theory) at The University of Michigan.

Her early research examined the ways in which metaphoric descriptions of music capture the aural experience of listeners. Currently she is writing a book, Between Music and Its Lovers, which takes person-to-person relationships as a model for listeners’ experiences with music. This viewpoint reflects many people’s inclination to speak of music in terms of human abilities to move and feel.

Prof. Guck’s writing appears in Music Theory Spectrum, Perspectives of New Music, Journal of Musicology, College Music Symposium, and several essay collections. She has spoken at meetings of the Society for Music Theory, American Musicological Society, Symposium of the International Musicological Society, British Musicological Societies, Cardiff Music Analysis Conference, Skagerrak Network Conference (pan-Scandanavian), and at interdisciplinary conferences in philosophy, psychoanalysis, literature, and legal theory.