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Band Music of Europe: Volumes 1 and 2
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The 1974 to 2015 archives of the HBM is accompanied by a publication giving the 40+ history of the organization.  The "View Album Notes" links will show archived images of the  album notes from the original media, LP, Cassette, or CD. For more background information on the organization, view the article, " Heritage Band of the Midwest Digital Audio Archives: 40-Plus Years of Volunteer Dedication to International Wind Band Music ," published in The College Music Society's Symposium .

Note 1: All of the recordings in the HBM audio archives are performed from arrangements by George Foeller, the Director, or friends of the Director. The arrangements are unpublished. To the best of Professor Foeller’s knowledge the music is free of copyright given the age of the composers. In the spirit of the Heritage Band of the Midwest dating back to Robert “Bob” Hoe, all recordings are distributed free. Should a composer or publisher identify a work that is under copyright and not available for public dissemination, please notify us and the audio recording will be removed from the archives.

Note 2:  After selecting the play button for any track, patiently give the audio time to load.

Track Audio File Title Composer Nationality

Band Music of Europe: Volume 1 (Heritage Band of the Midwest). Professor George P. Foeller, Conductor [ View Album Notes ]

1 Erato Marsch Valdemar Nielsen Denmark

2 A Já Sám František Krejčík Czechoslovakia

3 Plzeňský Pochod František Kmoch Bohemia

4 Pod Praporem Sokolským František Kmoch Bohemia

5 27er Regimentsmarsch Franz Blümel Austria

6 Frühlingsgruss Marsch Adolf Ischpold Unknown

7 A Alter Drahrer Adolf Ischpold Unknown

8 Unter dem Freiheitsbanner Berthold Wilke Germany

9 Wiener Volks-Jubel Marsch Josef Kaulich Austria

10 Slavnostní Pochod Bedřich Studeny Czechoslovakia

11 Jubiläums Marsch Franz Blaschke Moravia

12 Jezdecký Pochod Jan Pešta Czechoslovakia

13 Stetsmenter Marsch Franz Hoffmann Bohemia

14 87er Regiments Marsch Franz Blaschke Moravia

15 Belphegor Engebert Brepsant Belgian

16 Grossherzog Friedrich von Baden Karl Haefele Germany

Band Music of Europe: Volume 2 (Heritage Band of the Midwest). Professor George P. Foeller, Conductor [ View ]

1 Polaczed Marsch Franz Rezek Bohemia

2 Horrak Marsch Karel Komzák I Bohemia

3 Des Kriegers Heimkehr Adalbert von Keler Hungary

4 Hejtman z Kopeniku František Kmoch Bohemia

5 Kajikfahrt auf dem Bosporus Georg Pöll Unknown

6 Pozdrav z Konviktu František Kmoch Bohemia

7 Gruss aus Würzburg! Julius Schreck Germany

8 Fredericia Marsch Sigmund Lewengly Unknown

9 Il Bersagliere Edoardo Boccalari Italy

10 Degenfeld-Schönburg Marsch Franz Josef Sykora Germany

11 Prinz Wasa Regiment Marsch Josef Řežniček Hungary

12 Abschied vom Regiment Dominik Ertl Austria

13 Stefanie Gavotte Alphons Czibulka Slovakia

14 Suliman Pascha Franz Sommer Austria

15 Gallito Santiago Lope Spain

16 Il Soldato Julius Fučík Czechoslovakia