College Music SymposiumThe College Music Symposium is a CMS unit entailing a scholarly journal and an affiliated digital resource repository.

General Editor: Lisa Urkevich, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Editors: James A. Grymes, Jacquelyn Sholes, Josef Hanson, Richard Miller, Anna Hersey, Brendan McConville, Peter Folliard

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Aim and Scope

The College Music Symposium: Journal of the College Music Society is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal that publishes research, comprehensive review articles, forums, and individual reviews, including those of books, audio, technologies, and online platforms. The journal also publishes, with transcriptions, peer-reviewed Performances, Lectures, Lecture-Recitals, and Lessons (PLL) that have been captured on video. Symposium issues are officially released twice a year Summer/Fall and Winter/Spring.

The College Music Symposium, which was first published in 1961, was established with a unique purpose not duplicated elsewhere: it was a “different sort of scholarly journal,” a provocative publication that “cuts across lines of specialization...into the liberal arts college or the professional music school,” serving an impressive array of professionals, including the music scholar, performer, composer, educator, and administrator. (McCorkle Symposium 1961). The present journal enhances the comprehensive vision by remaining fluid and addressing the dynamic interests and concerns of music professionals and educators into the 21st century.

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