Volume 54


Scott Robbins’ Ritual Meditations

Pan's Lament, by Ary van Leeuwen

Regulus, by Pat Muchmore

Ethnomusicology Scholarship and Teaching: Then, Now, and Into the Future


Forum Essays

It's A Pitch

Making the Music Major Relevant at Liberal Arts Colleges

Students Speak: Diversity in the Pedagogical Practices of Music in Higher Education

Music in Higher Education: Evolution Now and Ahead of Us

Polymeters in Unexpected Places

Civic Pride and Musicology

So You Think You Can Be a Composer: Pedagogical Strategies for Active Learning in Music History Courses

Empirical Reality Versus the Systems Malady

Establishing a Two-Year Masters Degree Program in Music Technology and Contemporary Media

Beats Music: A New Subscription Streaming Service Business Model Takes the Stage

Music Teacher Co-Operatives

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