Ethnomusicology Scholarship and Teaching: Then, Now, and Into the Future

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This special issue presents a view of the current state of ethnomusicology through the contributions of a few generations of practicing ethnomusicologists. The articles collectively explore some directions by examining the past through the present. Contributors include Bruno Nettl, Ruth M. Stone, Ted Solis, Gabriel Solis, Andrea Emberly, Michael B. Bakan, and Benjamin Koen, with a Foreword by Patricia Shehan Campbell.  This special issue is edited by C. Victor Fung.

C. Victor Fung

Patricia Shehan Campbell

Second Thoughts: A Short Personal Anthology
Bruno Nettl

Ethnomusicology at the Bend in the Road
Ruth M. Stone

“The Song Is You”: From External to Internal in Ethnomusicological Performance
Ted Solis

Blurred Genres: Reflections on The Ethnomusicology of Jazz Today
Gabriel Solis

Ethnomusicology and Childhood: Studying Children’s Music in the Field
Andrea Emberly

Neurodiversity and the Ethnomusicology of Autism
Michael B. Bakan

Reflections and Future Directions in Medical Ethnomusicology
Benjamin D. Koen

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C. Victor Fung

C. Victor Fung is Professor of Music Education and Director of the Center for Music Education Research, University of South Florida, Tampa. He holds a Ph.D. in music education, with a minor in ethnomusicology, from Indiana University, Bloomington. He has published in major research journals in music education, such as Journal of Research in Music Education, Bulletin of the Council for Research in Music Education, Psychology of Music, and International Journal of Music Education. He has served as editor for Research Perspectives in Music Education and Music Education Research International and is currently editor of the Scholarship and Research component of the College Music Symposium. He has also reviewed for six other professional journals. He is author of the instructional manuals for Carnival Music in Trinidad, Music in Japan, Music in China, and Music in Korea, all part of the Global Music Series published by Oxford University Press. He has given over seventy presentations at professional conferences across four continents. In addition, he has given open lectures and seminars at over twenty universities in Brazil, China, Ireland, Japan, Turkey, and the United States. His research emphasizes on social psychological aspects, multicultural issues, and international perspectives of music education. He was a featured keynote presenter at meetings in Hong Kong, Japan, and Mexico. He was a board member of the International Society for Music Education, College Music Society, and Florida Music Educators’ Association.

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