CMS Forums Monthly Discussion - January/February 2016

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College Music Symposium is proud to present CMS Forums Monthly Discussion where the Society's members can broach topics relevant to the profession in a manner less formal than the academic journal itself. In doing so, the collegial feedback that one normally receives through known colleagues is broadened to include the entire membership. Though the topics (and survey lengths) are of the individual's choosing, the CMS Forums Editorial Board reviews all submissions.

January/February 2016 discussion, authored by Dr, David Mitchell (Atlanta Institute of Music and Media), focuses on degrees and programs in music technology. This study will collect data on how traditional music schools are adapting their curriculum to include a greater emphasis on preparing students for music careers that include aspects of digital music composition, performance and production.

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David Mitchell

Dr. David Mitchell is an educator and published composer who writes for large and small ensembles, interactive electronics, electroacoustic music for performance as well as original scores for films, video games, promotional ads and corporate videos.

His works are performed throughout the United States, with a European tour scheduled for summer 2016. Dr. Mitchell has won numerous competitions, including the Olin Parker Composition Competition, Southeastern Composers League Phillip Slate Composition Competition and The Contemporary Chamber Ensemble Composition Competition.

His music composition blog is read by thousands and the conversations he sparks online about the music industry and education make him an engaging thought leader in his field.

Dr. Mitchell holds a Doctorate of Musical Arts (DMA) in Music Composition and Theory, Master of Music Composition and a Bachelor Degree in Guitar Performance. He is an instructor and the Director of Curriculum at The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media.

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