Copyright and Permissions Guidelines for CMS Video Submissions

By providing video to College Music Symposium (Symposium) for consideration, the submitter agrees to the following:

  1. The submitter is the author of the video work. The author warrants and represents to Symposium that (a) the author created the work; (b) the video is original, except for material for which permission has been obtained; and (c) the author has the right and full power to submit the video to Symposium.
  2. Videos published here may be republished by their authors in another venue provided that (a) written permission is received from the Editor, and (b) appropriate acknowledgments are made.
  3. The author hereby grants to Symposium and its assigns a non-exclusive right to distribute the video through all media, whether presently known or unknown, and in all countries throughout the world.
  4. The author warrants and represents that: (a) the video does not infringe on someone else’s copyrights. See, for instance,; (b) the author has procured all necessary written permission to include any copyrighted material incorporated in the video; (c) the author shall defend and hold harmless Symposium against all claims brought against it by third parties for defamation, copyright infringement, and the like, including the payment of reasonable attorneys' fees.
  5. Any awards for content, including any accompanying monetary award, will be the sole property of the author.
  6. The author has the right to terminate this contract by notifying Symposium in writing.
  7. By submitting video for consideration, the author agrees to the terms of this contract.