Dear Squeak and Blat,

In reference to last month's column [October] that contained a letter about LCD panels for teaching, I offer you and your readers the following.

At the time that the one school I teach at was ready to lease such a panel, there was only one company with a special educational LCD panel that had color and full motion video and that was nView. They currently make the TFT-S140K1 which sells for $2395 (the price has gone down $100!!!). I'm also told that InFocus makes a panel called the 3600 that sells for $2499. Both require an overhead that is made for LCD panel use and it is especially good to have at least 4000 lumens. These prices are still well below the $4000 mark. My contact person is Bob Lowery at Haverford Systems. His number is (800) 486-5276 should you want to confirm any of this info.

Hope this info is helpful.

Rob Haffley
Music Instructor, La Salle University Music
Instructor and Technology Coordinator, Grey Nun Academy

Squeak and Blat:

Dear Rob:

Thanks for this great tip (Rob really does exist and is not one of our fictional people. Feel free to offer your input). We'll pass this on to our readers. Any others out there who care to share their experience? Squeak was able to find a dealer near him recently who had a demonstration computer projector (inFocus) unit that he sold him for about $2400. It certainly is worth shopping around.

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