Heritage Band of the Midwest (HBM) Audio Archives

LP Recording Years: 1974 to 1983
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The 1974 to 2015 archives of the HBM is accompanied by a publication giving the 40+ history of the organization.  For more background information on the organization, view the article, "Heritage Band of the Midwest Digital Audio Archives: 40-Plus Years of Volunteer Dedication to International Wind Band Music," published in The College Music Society's Symposium. The "View Album Notes" links will show archived images of the  album notes from the original media, LP, Cassette, or CD.

Note 1: All of the recordings in the HBM audio archives are performed from arrangements by George Foeller, the Director, or friends of the Director. The arrangements are unpublished. To the best of Professor Foeller’s knowledge the music is free of copyright given the age of the composers. In the spirit of the Heritage Band of the Midwest dating back to Robert “Bob” Hoe, all recordings are distributed free. Should a composer or publisher identify a work that is under copyright and not available for public dissemination, please notify us and the audio recording will be removed from the archives.

Note 2:  After selecting the play button for any track, patiently give the audio time to load.

Track Audio File Title Composer Nationality

1974LP: Volume D Hoe's Heritage of the March “Music of H. Blankenburg & C. Barnhouse” with the Illinois State University Band. George Foeller, Director. [ View Album Notes ]

1 Bi-Centennial David Wallis Reeves America

2 Ideal David Wallis Reeves America

3 Narragansett David Wallis Reeves America

4 First Brigade Massachusetts Volunteer Militia David Wallis Reeves America

5 Col. Goddard's David Wallis Reeves America

6 Healy's David Wallis Reeves America

7 Fraternal David Wallis Reeves America

8 Ancient Order of United Workmen David Wallis Reeves America

9 Regatta William Paris Chamber America

10 Detroit Free Press William Paris Chamber America

11 King Radium William Paris Chamber America

12 Trombone Section William Paris Chamber America

13 Sunshine William Paris Chamber America

14 The Volunteer William Paris Chamber America

15 Buffalo Bill's Equestrian March William Paris Chamber America

16 Bang Wang William Paris Chamber America

1975LP: Volume H Hoe's Heritage of the March “Music of R.B. Hall & G. Pares” with the Illinois State University Band. George Foeller, Director. [ View Album Notes ]

1 Veni, Vidi, Vici Robert Brown Hall America

2 Col Fitch Robert Brown Hall America

3 6-8 March Robert Brown Hall America

4 The Creole Queen Robert Brown Hall America

5 Lodoeska Robert Brown Hall America

6 Randolph Robert Brown Hall America

7 Bangor Robert Brown Hall America

8 Southern Illinois Band Association Robert Brown Hall America

9 The Crisis Robert Brown Hall America

10 Hamiltonian Robert Brown Hall America

11 Les Fraises Gabriel Pares French

12 Le Cocardier Gabriel Pares French

13 Les Cadets d'Autriche Gabriel Pares French

14 Marche des Fédérés Gabriel Pares French

15 Caprice Gabriel Pares French

16 Joyeuse Entrée Gabriel Pares French

17 Le Mordant Gabriel Pares French

18 Le Fringant Gabriel Pares French

1976LP: Volume K Hoe's Heritage of the March “Music of F.H. Losey and G.B. Mantegazzi” with the Illinois State University Band. George Foeller, Director.[ View Album Notes ]

1 Excelsis Frank Hoyt Losey American

2 Jolly Fellows March Frank Hoyt Losey American

3 Invincible America - March Militaire Frank Hoyt Losey American

4 Old Ironsides Frank Hoyt Losey American

5 Under the Stars and Stripes Frank Hoyt Losey American

6 Smeary Ike Frank Hoyt Losey American

7 The Golden West Frank Hoyt Losey American

8 Warm Doughnuts Frank Hoyt Losey American

9 The Right of Way Frank Hoyt Losey American

10 The Chevalier Frank Hoyt Losey American

11 Defilier marsch der Leichten Kavallerie Rgt 4 Gian Battista Mantegazzi Switzerland

12 Haar-Us Gian Battista Mantegazzi Switzerland

13 Die Wacht am Simplon Gian Battista Mantegazzi Switzerland

14 L'Imperatore Gian Battista Mantegazzi Switzerland

15 Marsch der 8 Division Gian Battista Mantegazzi Switzerland

16 100 Jahre Gian Battista Mantegazzi Switzerland

17 Hauptmann Arnold Schick Gian Battista Mantegazzi Switzerland

18 Hermann Sprüngli Gian Battista Mantegazzi Switzerland

1977LP: Volume V Hoe's Heritage of the March “Music of G.B. Mantegazzi & P. Lincke” with the Illinois State University Band. George Foeller, Director.  [ View Album Notes ]

1 Hans Waldmann Gian Battista Mantegazzi Switzerland

2 Noi Siamo Ticinesi Gian Battista Mantegazzi Switzerland

3 Frisch Weg! Gian Battista Mantegazzi Switzerland

4 Salut a Paris Gian Battista Mantegazzi Switzerland

5 Il Seminatore Gian Battista Mantegazzi Switzerland

6 Gross Zürich Gian Battista Mantegazzi Switzerland

7 Munot Gian Battista Mantegazzi Switzerland

8 Jahrmarkstrummel Paul Lincke German

9 Hoch Das Bein! Paul Lincke German

10 Donnerwetter-tadellos! Paul Lincke German

11 Im Olympischen Dorf Paul Lincke German

12 Liberia Paul Lincke German

13 Der Runxendorfer! Paul Lincke German

14 Auf nach Spreeathen! Paul Lincke German

15 Markische Heide Paul Lincke German

1978LP: Volume FF Hoe's Heritage of the March “Music of H. Blankenburg & C. Barnhouse” with FISAF. George Foeller, Director.  [ View Album Notes ]

1 Einzug der Hellebardiere Hermann Blankenburg Germany

2 Waucoma Charles Barnhouse America

3 O-High-O Charles Barnhouse America

4 Westfalen Charles Barnhouse America

5 Bob Burdette Galop Charles Barnhouse America

6 Ceremonial Charles Barnhouse America

7 Freudenfeuer Charles Barnhouse America

8 Madeira Charles Barnhouse America

9 Kraper's Peculiar Charles Barnhouse America

10 Golden Trumpet Charles Barnhouse America

11 Stark wie die Mark Hermann Blankenburg Germany

12 Ridin' de Goat Charles Barnhouse America

13 Mit Siegespalmen Hermann Blankenburg Germany

14 The Legionnaires Charles Barnhouse America

15 Der Geist der Einigkeit Hermann Blankenburg Germany

16 The Western Charles Barnhouse America

17 Kriegers Abschied Hermann Blankenburg Germany

1979LP: Volume 48 Hoe's Heritage of the March “Music of F. Kmoch & J. Kral” with FISAF. George Foeller, Director.  [ View Album Notes ]

1 Vítězný František Kmoch Bohemia

2 Sváží Mysl František Kmoch Bohemia

3 Nad Labem František Kmoch Bohemia

4 Vzletem Sokolím František Kmoch Bohemia

5 Slavnostní Pochod František Kmoch Bohemia

6 Sokolský Den František Kmoch Bohemia

7 Žákolníček František Kmoch Bohemia

8 Útokem František Kmoch Bohemia

9 Ta Naše Láska František Kmoch Bohemia

10 Za Heslem Tyršovým František Kmoch Bohemia

11 Naše Přání František Kmoch Bohemia

12 Hoch Habsburg Op 86 Johann Kral Germany

13 Rudolf-Stephanie Marsch Op 97 Johann Kral Germany

14 Rheinländer-Regiments Marsch Op 105 Johann Kral Germany

15 Freiherr von Bauer Marsch Op 119 Johann Kral Germany

16 Amazonen Marsch Johann Kral Germany

17 Bruckerlager Marsch Op 51 Johann Kral Germany

18 Donau Gruss Marsch Op 63 Johann Kral Germany

19 Viribus Unitis Marsch Op 110 Johann Kral Germany

20 Soldateska Marsch Johann Kral Germany

1979LP: Volume 49 Hoe's Heritage of the March “Music of F. Panella & L. Panella” with FISAF. George Foeller, Director.  [ View Album Notes ]

1 Flag of Freedom Frank Panella America

2 The Fez Frank Panella America

3 Paul Revere's Ride Frank Panella America

4 Leonidas the Spartan Frank Panella America

5 A Warrior Bold Frank Panella America

6 The 18th Regiment Frank Panella America

7 Regimental Review Frank Panella America

8 The Spirit of '76 Frank Panella America

9 University of Dayton Louis Panella America

10 The Junior Louis Panella America

11 Allegiance to the Flag Louis Panella America

12 Civic Pride Louis Panella America

13 Fighting Chance Louis Panella America

14 The Pitt Panther Louis Panella America

15 In Command Louis Panella America

16 The American Red Cross Louis Panella America

17 Amerita Louis Panella America

1980LP: Volume 56 Hoe's Heritage of the March “Music of H. Dostal & E. Wagnes” with FISAF. George Foeller, Director.  [ View Album Notes ]

1 Flieger Hermann Dostal Moravia

2 Eins, Zwei, Drei Hermann Dostal Moravia

3 Soldaten Hermann Dostal Moravia

4 Toreador Hermann Dostal Moravia

5 Zwei Kaiser Hermann Dostal Moravia

6 Mit Klingendem Spiel Hermann Dostal Moravia

7 Flitsch Eduard Wagnes Austria

8 Für Freiheit und Ehre Eduard Wagnes Austria

9 Meletta Eduard Wagnes Austria

10 Die Bosniaken Kommen Eduard Wagnes Austria

11 Felsenfest Fürs Vaterland Eduard Wagnes Austria

12 Zum Schutz und Trutz Eduard Wagnes Austria

13 Ritterlich Eduard Wagnes Austria

14 Hand in Hand Eduard Wagnes Austria

15 Scheidegruss Eduard Wagnes Austria

16 Ausser Baum Eduard Wagnes Austria

17 Heidenhaft Eduard Wagnes Austria

18 Mit Eiserner Kraft Eduard Wagnes Austria

1980LP: Volume EEE Hoe's Heritage of the March “Music of H. Blankenburg” with FISAF. George Foeller, Director.  [ View Album Notes ]

1 Wenn der Kaiser Ruft Hermann Blankenburg Germany

2 Feldgrauen-Heimkehr Hermann Blankenburg Germany

3 Frackelreiter Hermann Blankenburg Germany

4 Fliegerhelden Hermann Blankenburg Germany

5 Sieg des Friedens Hermann Blankenburg Germany

6 Voran mit Schneid Hermann Blankenburg Germany

7 Durch Sturm und Not Hermann Blankenburg Germany

8 In Alter Freundschaft Hermann Blankenburg Germany

9 Unser Saarland Hermann Blankenburg Germany

10 Unsere Heerführer Hermann Blankenburg Germany

11 Dem Schweizerland Hermann Blankenburg Germany

12 Freiheitshelden Hermann Blankenburg Germany

13 Semper Paratus Hermann Blankenburg Germany

14 Gruss an Langensaiza Hermann Blankenburg Germany

1981LP: Volume 71 Hoe's Heritage of the March “Music of J. Pecsi & E. Štolc” with FISAF. George Foeller, Director.  [ View Album Notes ]

1 Friedensfanfaren József Pécsi (Prichystal) Moravia

2 Einzug der Turner József Pécsi (Prichystal) Moravia

3 Unter der Siegesflagge József Pécsi (Prichystal) Moravia

4 Pro Patria József Pécsi (Prichystal) Moravia

5 Mit Vereinter Kraft József Pécsi (Prichystal) Moravia

6 Unbekannte Helden József Pécsi (Prichystal) Moravia

7 Pandur József Pécsi (Prichystal) Moravia

8 Waffenbrüder Emil Štolc Bohemia

9 80er Regiment Emil Štolc Bohemia

10 Petersburger Emil Štolc Bohemia

11 Unsere Kinder Emil Štolc Bohemia

12 Viktoria Emil Štolc Bohemia

13 Fürs Vaterland Emil Štolc Bohemia

14 Ausser Dienst Emil Štolc Bohemia

15 Soldatengruss Emil Štolc Bohemia

16 Dolomitengruss Emil Štolc Bohemia

17 Freiwilligen Emil Štolc Bohemia

1982LP: Volume 77 Hoe's Heritage of the March “Music of J. Gungl & J. Labsky” with FISAF. George Foeller, Director.  [ View Album Notes ]

1 Grätzer Coliseum Josef Gungl Hungary

2 En Avant Josef Gungl Hungary

3 An Schleswig Holstein Josef Gungl Hungary

4 Wanderlust Josef Gungl Hungary

5 Krieger's Lust Josef Gungl Hungary

6 Mein Gruss An Berlin Josef Gungl Hungary

7 Torpedo Marsch Josef Gungl Hungary

8 Potsdamer Casino Josef Gungl Hungary

9 Friedrichs Marsch Josef Gungl Hungary

10 Steyrers Heimweh Infanterie Josef Gungl Hungary

11 Převrat Jaroslav Labsky Czechoslovakia

12 Síla a Zdar Jaroslav Labsky Czechoslovakia

13 Prapory Zavlajte Jaroslav Labsky Czechoslovakia

14 Mutig Voran Jaroslav Labsky Czechoslovakia

15 Musik Vor! Jaroslav Labsky Czechoslovakia

16 Pro Péchotu Jaroslav Labsky Czechoslovakia

17 Zdar Nové Republice Jaroslav Labsky Czechoslovakia

18 Pražské Povstání Jaroslav Labsky Czechoslovakia

1982LP: Volume 78 Hoe's Heritage of the March “Music of J.P. Piefke, R. Piefke, & A. Rosenkranz” with FISAF. George Foeller, Director.  [ View Album Notes ]

1 Der Lymfjordströmer Johann Gottfried Piefke Germany

2 Düppel-Schanzen-Sturmmarsch Johann Gottfried Piefke Germany

3 Der Alsenströmer Johann Gottfried Piefke Germany

4 Margarethenmarsch Johann Gottfried Piefke Germany

5 Der Königgrätzer Johann Gottfried Piefke Germany

6 Gitana Johann Gottfried Piefke Germany

7 Siegesmarsch Johann Gottfried Piefke Germany

8 Düppeler Sturmmarsch Johann Gottfried Piefke Germany

9 Kriegers Abschied Rudolf Piefke Germany

10 Preussens Gloria Johann Gottfried Piefke Germany

11 Pochhammer Marsch Johann Gottfried Piefke Germany

12 Der Gratulant Anton Rosenkranz Czechoslovakia

13 Mit Sack und Pack Anton Rosenkranz Czechoslovakia

14 Feuerwehr Anton Rosenkranz Czechoslovakia

15 76er Regiments Anton Rosenkranz Czechoslovakia

16 Bosnisch-Herzegowinischer Siegesmarsch Anton Rosenkranz Czechoslovakia

17 Tegetthoff Marsch Anton Rosenkranz Czechoslovakia

18 Gamerra Joseph Gungl Hungary

19 Pochod Národnich Gard Jaroslav Labsky Czechoslovakia

1983LP: Volume 87 Hoe's Heritage of the March “The Strausses” with FISAF. Dedicated to the Memory of Robert 'Bob' Hoe. George Foeller, Director.  [ View Album Notes ]

1 Radetzky Marsch Johann Strauss, Sr. Austria

2 Geschwindmarsch Johann Strauss, Sr. Austria

3 Geschwindmarsch nach Motiven aus Quadrillen Johann Strauss, Sr. Austria

4 Marsch des einigen Deutschlands Johann Strauss, Sr. Austria

5 Wiener Jubel Marsch Johann Strauss, Sr. Austria

6 Wiener Stadt-Garde Marsch Johann Strauss, Sr. Austria

7 Brunner National-Garde Johann Strauss, Sr. Austria

8 Jubilee Quickstep Johann Strauss, Sr. Austria

9 Österreichische Nationalgarde Marsch Johann Strauss, Sr. Austria

10 Österreichischer Fest Marsch Johann Strauss, Sr. Austria

11 Die Musik Kommt Oscar Strauss Austria

12 Andrassy Marsch Josef Strauss Austria

13 Avantgarde Marsch Josef Strauss Austria

14 Liechtenstein Marsch Josef Strauss Austria

15 Deutsche Union Marsch Josef Strauss Austria

16 Victor Marsch Josef Strauss Austria

17 Prinz Eugen Marsch Josef Strauss Austria

18 Wallonen Josef Strauss Austria

19 Schützen Josef Strauss Austria

20 Vaterländischer Marsch Josef & Johann (Jr.) Strauss Austria

1983LP: Volume 88 Hoe's Heritage of the March “The Strausses” with FISAF. George Foeller, Director.  [ View Album Notes ]

1 Österreichs_Völker_Treue Eduard Strauss Austria

2 La Gloire du Bresil Eduard Strauss Austria

3 Lanciers Marsch Eduard Strauss Austria

4 Bahn Frei! Eduard Strauss Austria

5 Nibelungen Marsch Oscar Strauss Austria

6 Königsmarsch Richard Strauss Austria

7 Parade Marsch Richard Strauss Austria

8 Deutschmeister-Jubiläums_Marsch Johann Strauss (Jr.) Austria

9 Der lustige Krieg Marsch Johann Strauss (Jr.) Austria

10 Deutscher Krieger Marsch Johann Strauss (Jr.) Austria

11 Kaiser-Jager Marsch Johann Strauss (Jr.) Austria

12 Kriegsabenteuer Johann Strauss (Jr.) Austria

13 Einzugs Marsch Johann Strauss (Jr.) Austria

14 Reitermarsch Johann Strauss (Jr.) Austria

15 Habsburg Hoch! Johann Strauss (Jr.) Austria

16 Bulgarian March Oscar Strauss Austria