Converting Video to mp4 using Streamclip

Once your video has been created, produced, captured, and edited for viewing, it may need to be encoded for Symposium submission. So that files are not too large and can be more quickly streamed or downloaded by viewers, they must be compressed and formatted. Doing such is called “encoding” and requires encoding software.

The device that compresses data is called a codec. One or more codecs are built into various programs for preparing video. Please encode your video in either mp4 or m4v format before submitting to Symposium.


Download the program here:

  1. Open MPEG Streamclip. Click File>Open Files. Locate the video file and click "Open"
  2. Click File>Export to MPEG-4
  3. Click iTunes. Select either Apple TV 4:3 (SD) or Apple TV 16:9 (SD), depending on how you want the video to display.
  4. Change Compression to Apple MPEG 4 Compressor
  5. Quality: Drag to 100%
  6. Click Make MP4. It will scan and the video file will be created.

You may be able to find other freeware or shareware programs that will accomplish the encoding task.