Susan M. Filler

Susan M. Filler graduated from the doctoral program in music history and literature at Northwestern University.  She is an independent musicologist based in Chicago.  Her research is primarily focused on the lives and work of Gustav and Alma Mahler, and the music of the Jewish communities in Central and Eastern Europe.  Her articles and reviews are published in such periodicals as Journal of Musicological Research, College Music Symposium, Pendragon Review, News About Mahler Research, Music and Letters, MLA Notes, Shofar, Transversal, Studia Musicologica and Magyar Zene.  She has contributed essays to collections from Indiana University Press, A-R Editions, Garland Publishing, Peter Lang, Creighton University Press, Northwestern University Press, Ashgate and Salem Press.  She is the author of Gustav and Alma Mahler: A Research and Information Guide (Garland Publishing, 1989, revised edition Routledge, 2008), and co-edited Essays in Honor of John F. Ohl: A Compendium of American Musicology (Northwestern University Press, 2001).  She has presented papers at meetings of the American Musicological Society, International Musicological Society, and Midwest Jewish Studies Association, at conferences in the United States, Canada, France, the Netherlands, Italy and Hungary, and was an invited lecturer at the Conservatories of Music in Beijing, Xi’an and Shanghai, China.