Marnie Hall

Marnie Hall began her professional career as a violinist when at the age of twenty she joined the Kansas City Philharmonic, now the Kansas City Symphony. Following her studies with the concertmaster there and graduation from the University of Kansas, she moved to New York where she obtained a Masters degree from the Manhattan School and freelanced as a violinist from 1966 to 1989, performing in orchestras and with ballet and opera companies and playing under the batons of Leopold Stokowski, James Levine, Leonard Bernstein and many others. Her work also included a nine-month tour with Jesus Christ Superstar, Broadway musicals and shows in the Catskills.

In 1972 she formed the Vieuxtemps String Quartet, which was active for four years, playing in New England, the Mid-Atlantic states and the Midwest. The quartet consisted of four women, and when she was asked if they played music by women, she started exploring literature by women not only for string quartets but for other genres as well. This led her to produce a two-disc set entitled “Women's Work” in the mid-70s on her own Gemini Hall label. After a $20,000 loss, she decided to go the nonprofit route, founding Leonarda Productions, a not-for-profit record label dedicated to unearthing little known works, especially those by women throughout the centuries as well as contemporary music and other lesser-known works. Leonarda's catalog of recordings may be found at