Faculty commitment to their work roles impacts their vitality, performance, and retention, as well as increases their commitment to the organization. Music faculty roles are complex due to the artistic accomplishment and individualized tutorial pedagogy model embedded in their expected roles in research, teaching, and service. We examined music faculty commitment to their institution by exploring their commitment to academic/artistic work roles through the analysis of responses from a national sample of ranked music professors. Results show that intrinsic factors, such as aspiration to achieve, esteem for one’s work, and goal setting, are related to commitment to research and teaching. Extrinsic factors, such as collaboration with colleagues outside the department and administrative experience, are predictors of increased service. Commitment to institution was gauged by aggregate association to role commitment. Using Meyer’s organizational commitment model, we interpret music faculty commitment to organization as affective and normative rather than continuance.

Vincent Benitez

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Sang-Hie Lee and Jonathan McNaughtan

Sang-Hie Lee (PhD University of Michigan; EdD/DMA University of Georgia), Professor of Music and former Associate Dean of the College of The Arts at the University of South Florida, is an active teacher, performer, researcher, author, and cross-disciplinary administrator. Lee is the author of Scholarly Research for Musicians (McGraw Hill 2015–16, and Routledge 2017–21 [second edition] in progress), the editor of Perspectives in Performing Arts Medicine: A Multidisciplinary Approach (Springer 2020), and the founding editor of the Cultural Expressions in Music Monograph Series of the College Music Society (2008–14). She has published 72 scholarly articles, presented 85 conference papers and lectures, and performed solo and chamber-music concerts in the USA, South Korea, China, Serbia, Brazil, Italy, and Canada. http://music.arts.usf.edu/content/templates/?a=1396

Jon McNaughtan (PhD University of Michigan; MA Education Policy, Stanford University) is an Assistant Professor at Texas Tech University where his research focuses on leadership in higher education from multiple perspectives. He particularly studies the roles and experiences of college presidents. His work has also identified the importance of empowerment and effective management strategies to increase job satisfaction and commitment at work. https://www.depts.ttu.edu/education/our-people/Faculty/jon_mcnaughtan.php

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